About Joyce Smithey

Background and Experience

One of the best labor and employment lawyers. She has been named a Maryland Super Lawyer for several years in a row. Baltimore Magazine listed as one of the state’s Top 50 Women Attorneys. She has taught law school courses and seminars on labor and employment law and is the author of the Fourth Edition of Maryland Rules Commentary.


An experienced trial lawyer and has handled cases before state, federal, and appellate courts, as well as before various labor boards and commissions. Her specialized practice areas within employment and labor law include discrimination cases, abuse and harassment matters, employment contract and severance disagreements, and wage disputes.


In addition to defending the rights of employees, also advises employers on their legal responsibilities in the workplace. Some of the matters, helps employers navigate include understanding the Equal Pay Act, providing accommodations to employees with disabilities, and drafting employee handbooks.


In the Media

Many of cases have received local and nationwide media attention on topics ranging from gender bias in the workplace to wrongful termination. Her gender bias lawsuit on behalf of a female firefighter caught the attention of multiple mainstream media outlets in 2013. Her breach of employment lawsuit gained the attention of the New York Times in 2014.


In 2015, NPR interviewed about the discriminations people with invisible disabilities face in the workplace.Explained to NPR that while many employers follow the law when it comes to granting workplace accommodations to people with obvious physical disabilities, they are less likely to accommodate someone whose disabilities might not be obvious from looking at the person.
If you have been the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, or you are an employer who needs to consult for a consultation.

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The need of an Attorney when investing for a Home

Buying a home is the most important thing that you will do in your life because you are about to own the perfect dream house of your choice. You have quite saved because you want to settle down. Having a home is a great deal for people who want to invest. Although this may take a long time for you to be able to reach your goal but the good thing is that there is a return on your investment. There are terms in which you need to go through as you are having already invested in purchasing a home. the next thing you will do it look who can assist you in the terms of buying a home and some legal papers and documentation that you need to undergo before you can truly say that it is your home. This kind of negotiation involves a highly experience attorney that walk you through the stages of owning and investing a house.

A lawyer’s job is to make sure that the contract of the home adheres to the state law and the location of the house that could affect the future of the property. Did you know that as your attorney is negotiating he or she must also deal with a realtor in order for to know more about the details of the home. This displays an important aspect of knowing perhaps the past owners of the home that you are buying or the property that you wish you want to build a home. It is also important that you are aware of the contract but if not your attorney can explain to you the in depths to its possible words for you to understand the terms. Another role is for them to secure the contract and if there are legal changes that’s needed to be done.

Title search for you home is essential. Before the house and lot is properly purchased the attorney is trying their best to process everything for you to own the house as soon as possible if it is worth every penny. The outcome of title search is very important it is because it would reveal whether you are fit to have the home such as you are able to make an extra mile to maintain and repair if it is needed. The legal right of owning a home is not given right away as you would need to undergo procedures for them to sell the property rightfully.

If you imagine yourself doing all the errands of buying a home without having an attorney is extremely different. You have to do all the legal documentations, have it stamped or notarized depending on the requirements that you are applying for. It is good that you are connected with an experienced investment attorney so that you will be guided step by step as to how these will do. The bottom line is that having an attorney will surely make legal counsel convenient and easy for you to understand anything that will involve in documentation. It is your investment’s attorney to protect your interest and to ensure that your documents adheres and are applicable to the laws that is provided.

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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Partnership Separations

Similar to how a relationship works in a social setting business contracts and business partnerships for a variety of reasons can end up in nasty separations. Whether or not the discussion that leads to the separation was done peacefully certain after effects of separations can be challenging to deal with legally and emotionally.
The emotional aspect of dealing with a business partner’s separation or transfer can be exhausting but the legal aspect can be really confusing. This is where a separation lawyer comes in handy. Having someone to explain all the legal implications in a language that you understand is gold in this industry. Here are some of the other reasons why you should hire a seasoned departure lawyer in cases of business partner separations.
Protection of your Assets
You and your business partner may have had a good relationship when the business was at its early stage of conception, but things might have turned sour along the way resulting in the inevitable separation. When this happens, contracts, ownership, and liabilities can be a lot to deal with. If you say “yes” to everything that your separating partner demands then you may be losing more than you should. Note that you have also contributed to the growth of the business and that you deserve a fair share of whatever is left of it. The market for California partner departure law is congested with talented and competent lawyers who are experts in this area of practice.
Equal Division of Assets and Responsibilities
A lot of times when business partnership comes to an end to ensure a fair split in the assets agreements and contracts are usually set-up to facilitate the smoother transition and to ensure that the business is not impacted by the change in ownership. During this process working with complex terminologies can get you easily lost in the process. Having a competent lawyer to represent you and protect your assets is like having someone who has night vision goggles fight your enemies in the dark.
Prevention of Contractual Breeches
Note that when you started your partnership with your business partner you may have signed a contract to formally establish the limits of the business relationship. When a partner departure confronts you the stipulations of the original contract can be easily overlooked. Interpreting existing memorandums of agreement, partnership contracts, and legal documents can mean a lot of work especially if you do not have a background knowledge in the area. Your departure lawyer can help you review existing contracts and draft a continuity plan base on that.
There are a lot of items on your to-do list that a departure attorney can help you with in the event that a business partner decides to pave another path. Whether you are the separating partner or the partner being left behind you have interests and assets that need to be safeguarded. It is difficult to safeguard something that you cannot see or something that you cannot understand. If you are caught in the situation described, then it is recommended that you seek legal advice before making your next step.

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Personal Injury

A tort claim whether it is a basis of intentional negligence or liability of others faces legal disputes during court trial it is either an issue of liability or issues of damages to the other party. What is a personal injury? This is a claim towards a person who is a victim of a threat, or an accident such as the vehicular accident in which the person responsible for the damage did not respond accordingly to the situation. This is when the complainant or plaintiff files a lawsuit against the defendant. Negligence on the defendant’s part is liable to cases of personal injury law thus the plaintiff is awarded to compensate the loss.

There are other bases of personal injury aside from negligence. Strict liability- this happens when manufacturers such as designers of clothing line fail to detect any defective products. This can be filed as a personal injury lawsuit when the consumer provides evidence of the defective item and if the item is used it will unreasonably become dangerous. Another basis can be Intentional wrong doings, this case is rare. An example would be if someone hits you in a manner that is meant to be a practical joke that person can be filed for battery or if a shopping market says that you are shoplifting and yet they have no evidence, they can be filed for false imprisonment. During the filing of a lawsuit, it is important that each party has an attorney to represent their cases. There are two types of settlement. Negotiation- This happens before the trial. In some cases, the defendant negotiates with the plaintiff’s complaints and discussed possible solutions and agreements on some documentation that they can do so as the issue won’t arise in the case of personal injury law; an example of this the offering of money to the complainant. Some parties do not agree especially if the plaintiff seeks justice and wants to put it on a court for a higher ground of settlement.

Statutes of limitations are determined by the time it happened. If you want to file a case of personal injury lawsuit it should be done right after as what the personal injury law states. Do not miss out the statutory deadline, for example, a car accident, if you do not file right away your case will be taken for granted and it will be disregarded out of the court.

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